Friday, December 17, 2010

Mason Jars, Loulu Palm and Fire Dancer

Three time keiki world champion and one time world champion fire dancer. This 10 year old stole the show at an intimate Polynesian Show for a destination wedding at Loulu Palm. I fell in love with this bride. It's not everyday you connect with your bride so much you wish you lived closer because you know the two of you would be friends. The photo of her & her dad gives me tears, like it would if your best friend was taking the dance floor with their dad. Stefanie & Anna Riedel captured these moments, not just for me but the bride & entire family. All the way from Rhode Island on Thanksgiving weekend the two declared their love for each other on the North Shore of Oahu at the grand spot of Loulu Palm. I will forever be grateful for Romy Takahashi of Star Creations because she went above & beyond. She substituted all green dendrobiums orchids for CYMBIDIUMS as a surprise to the bride!!! Who does that? Romy does! The brides all peoni bouquet and the bridesmaids all roses bouquet (check it out, they look like peonies!). The lavish table top with exclusive home made jelly from the bride looked like a table out of Pottery Barn, I'm not gonna lie. The bride also surprised her groom with the mascot of his favorite team Florida Gators by Shawna Kalahiki. Shawna knocked it out of the park! When asked to kiss her, the groom kissed the gator!

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