Monday, August 20, 2012

Country Chic Part 3

 The photographer totally captured this moment, my niece putting on her cowboy boots to join the rest of the bridal party.  She's my true love!

A purple bouquet of tulips in loving memory of Beppe.

Our altar was a custom made cross gifted to us from our Best Man made of drift wood which we will have in our backyard one day soon.  Rested against a wine barrel was all I really wanted.  

Our cork holder placards. 

 We did a guestbook of puzzle pieces & fabric squares.  Since our guests were pieces of our puzzle we thought it was a great idea to take our engagement photo and turn it into a puzzle.  It's really fun putting it together.  My mom will be sewing our quilt will love notes from our guests that we will hang on our wall.  

 Father of the Bride & Bride can't contain their excitement celebrating a day we thought may never happen.  Thank you Jesus it did and it was more than either could have imagined.

 Mason wine glasses were a surprise treat to all the groomsmen while the ladies received stemless champagne flutes with engravings.  Our love for books and reading determined our table names and centerpieces.  My sister in law & mother in law scored old books at the thrift store for us to give height to our white only floral centerpieces.  The rectangle tables had custom white lace runners made with love by the mother of the bride.

Our friend & cousin led us in a Hawaiian Chant Doxology as our opening prayer before we dove into our BBQ buffet with the best mac and cheese in the world.

Our favor bar!  Send yourself a postcard, grab a match made in heaven or a purple cork for your unopened wine...or Mouse & Mantis M&M's if all you need is something sweet.

Our custom made cake stand with our initials made by my sister in law and her husband.  We added the Dutch flag to each bite size cupcake.  There were NO leftovers!

We did a family tree of wedding photos as far back as the 1920's!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Loulu Palm Hindu/Muslim Wedding photos by Joseph Esser

I love this couple!  They gave me an incredible experience and taught me a lot about the Hindu/Muslim culture.  They were so fun too!  They both did a dress/suit change.  They dolled up the dance floor while they did a lip sync to the song "Life's a Happy Song" by the Muppets!  It was the best I've ever seen!  I had chicken skin head to toe.  The bride was the sweetest, kindest thing to ever cross my path.  I fell in love with their families.