Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunset Ranch My favorite Oahu Venue right now

Corinne Gold took these amazing shot at Sunset Ranch on the North Shore of Oahu. Marie Blooms designed the herb accent bouquets for the bride. Alicia who looked beautiful (thanks to Faith & Beauty & Charles were the loveliest couple and really enjoyed every minute of their wedding day.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Puamana Best Trio in Hawaii

I don't have to say much about Puamana, they are wonderful! They are true Hawaiian from their demeanor to their music. Your guests will fall in love with them. Jana Morgan captured this here.

Pasadena Wedding at Villa Del Sol de Orro

I'm sad that I never got professional shots from the photographer so these will have to do (taken from my out of date camera phone). My favorite altar piece yet! Kumquat Trees that were given to their parents to be planted after their gorgeous use on wedding day. Modern Day Design added touches of terracotta pots, sliced open grapefruits and tons of California spring flowers. Villa Del Sol De Ora was the beautiful estate the ceremony & reception took place. Cover 2 Cover Music kept the liveliness of the ceremony & reception music.